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How to Check the Year of a Rolex Watch?

When many people buy Rolex watches, especially second-hand watches, they often hear such terms as "R prefix", "Z prefix" and "garbled code". Many friends don't understand what it means. It is related to a series of codes engraved by Rolex on the watch case.

When you disassemble your Rolex strap, you will find a series of codes between the lugs. The code at 12 o'clock represents the watch model, and the code at 6 o'clock represents the serial number.

Before 1987, the code of Rolex at 6 o'clock was a number. Since 1987, a combination of letters and numbers has been used, and the letters will change every year, so the production year of Rolex is inferred based on the initial letter, such as " "F prefix" is from 2003 to 2005

How to check the production year of Rolex?

The following is the Rolex year table:

1987 R prefix

1988 R/L prefix

1989 L prefix

1990 L/E prefix

1991 E/N/X prefix

1992 N/C/X prefix

1993 X/S prefix

1994 S/W prefix

1995 W prefix

1996 W/T prefix

1997 T/U prefix

1998 U prefix

1999 A prefix

2000 P prefix

2001 P/K prefix

2002 K/Y prefix

2003 Y/F prefix

2004 F prefix

2005 F/D prefix

2006 D/Z prefix

2007 Z/M prefix

2008 Z/M/V prefix

2009 V prefix

2010 G prefix

You will find that the initials used by Rolex in the past few years are the letters separated from the trademark "Rolex" in order, but there is no "o" because the letter o and the number "0" are easy to distinguish.

After 2003, Rolex gradually canceled the engraving of the serial number between the lugs at the 6 o'clock position, but moved it to the inner ring under the watch mirror, so that you can see your own number without taking off the strap.

At the same time, after 2010, Rolex switched to garbled characters, using a mixture of letters and numbers, in order to prevent someone from spying on Rolex's output.

It stands to reason that the specific production year of the watch can be queried through 100% of the code on the inner circle, but due to the extremely strict management of Rolex, I asked friends in the domestic Rolex service center through internal channels, and an advanced authorization is required to query the internal network database. Yes, it is almost impossible for ordinary consumers to know the specific year of Rolex watches after 2010.

How to see the Rolex watch model? Rolex Rolex watch model query and watch naming rules

When buying a watch, you will first have a simple evaluation of the appearance of the watch, and then choose a shape you like, and then learn about some features, quality, price, after-sales and other information of this product, then today To quickly identify the characteristics of a watch, by identifying the characters of the product.

Through the digital identification series

The name of Rolex watch products is generally 5 digits. If the product is upgraded, a "1" will be added to the front of the original basis. If there is another upgrade, the "1" may be changed to "2", but the 6 The number of digits does not change.

(Because the product has been updated, if you encounter a 6-digit product model, you can subtract the "1" in front, and then perform model matching.)

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